Beautiful Skin Takes Time

on Sunday, 15 March 2015. Posted in Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Care

Many people come to our offices wanting to improve a visible skin condition immediately. While this approach works, I would like to introduce a slower but more effective method, whereby we first work with what’s causing it and then we improve the symptom. For example, some clients come to us with a dark spot on their face (hyperpigmentation). In the past, we would usually work that condition with a specific method, be it the e-matrix or a peel. However, we now want to look at it differently by determining the cause and stabilizing the skin. After we have done this, then we would proceed to fix the visible sign of whatever is going on.

Our skin is composed of different layers and cells that all communicate among themselves. The keratinocyte is the main cell that maintains communication with all the other ones. When any of the cells is not working well, then different things can happen. For example, if the keratinocyte can not deposit the pigment received from the melanocyte evenly throughout the skin, then we see the spots on our skin. While there are many reasons why a specific situation can happen, including hormonal reasons, beyond our control and impact as skin care specialists, if we can limit how they affect a specific cell on our skin, then we can stabilize the skin condition and have an influence on the future health of your skin

The New Women's Revolution

on Monday, 16 February 2015. Posted in Well Being

The New Women's Revolution

Many years ago, women were not able to vote, and did not enjoy the same rights as men, but thanks to the women's revolution more than 50 years ago, things have changed. Even though there has never been a woman president, yet there has been a black president, women now run many businesses and are making important decisions in our everyday lives. A CFA friend of mine was explaining to me how future trends predict that women will be making most spending decisions in approximately 20 years from now. Truly things have come a long way. It was the revolutionary movement started many years ago that has allowed this, and that we are thankful for. Yes, that has been very much my particular case, because thanks to such event, I have had access to benefits available in society for which I am sure that simply making a checkmark under women minority made the difference.

The pendulum then shifted, and maybe a little too far for my taste… Women in America had opportunities that were unimaginable before, yet they had to compete under men's rules. As a result, they were forced to bring out their masculine side almost 100% of the time to survive. They had to wear suits and make only left-brain decisions. Many of them postponed womanly desires, such as having babies, so late in life that they were not able to conceive. There was a real confusion going on between male and female energies. This personal breakthrough was what motivated me to open my business and embark in this fascinating entrepreneurial path. (Med Aesthetics Miami helps people take care of themselves and offers services such as laser hair removal, skin tightening, acne treatments, anti-aging, massages, and more.). In my case, it was when I left corporate America that I fully embraced the joy of having children, and was able to function with my left-brain, but most importantly, I finally was able to incorporate my right-brain as well.

How to treat your Dry Skin Naturally II

on Sunday, 08 February 2015. Posted in Skin Rejuvenation, Facial Care

The Wonders from Nature!


Incorporating the very best of nature in your daily routine can be simple yet the results can be generous to your skin.

When cleansing and moisturizing your skin, it is important that you keep in mind that oil dissolves oil. Your skin naturally lubricates itself with oil. Your skin naturally produces oil because it needs it. In our previous blog we talked about natural Oils, in specific Olive Oil that is fantastic to keep skin moisturized and facial skin free of wrinkles.

We introduced it as a cleanse and moisturizer, as a scrub and as a mask. Some of the most popular products, promoted as “natural” solutions, even incorporate olive oil as a key ingredient in their formulas.

How to treat your Dry Skin Naturally

on Monday, 26 January 2015. Posted in Skin Rejuvenation, Skin Care

In previous blogs postings we have talked about the importance in natural products for dry skin. Today, we want to place some emphasis in Olive Oil, since is often a very good idea to keep it simple and natural, especially for those with allergies or a very sensitive skin complexion.

Unlike cream and lotion in the market that contains preservatives and alcohol, pure oils have a natural base and I recommend them as wonderful natural skin dry remedies. Natural Oils works as moisturizers and mixed with other ingredientes work as a mask or exfoliating rub.

Olive Oil

As a cleanse and moisturizer -

Rub a good amount of Olive Oil on your face, leave it for about 5 minutes, using a soft towel wipe away the excess of oil from your skin. The results over time are amazing, since Olive oil not only works as a cleanser but as a moisturizer too.

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