Fight Wrinkles with Microcurrent Therapy

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Fight Wrinkles with Microcurrent Therapy

Microcurrent therapy has been gaining popularity over the years, and is growing in demand. Adopted in the ‘90s as a cosmetic procedure, microcurrent is an inexpensive, non-surgical, and natural procedure that works in harmony with the body to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. There are many benefits including the reduction of puffiness, cellulite elimination, improving the muscle tone in face and neck, enhancing the body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, and more.

What is Microcurrent Therapy?
Microcurrent therapy is a safe, natural, and non-invasive procedure that naturally tones and lifts sagging skin in the face and neck, as well as the body in general. Microcurrent shortens and lengthens muscles, depending on their needs, to tone your skin and restore its youthful appearance.

How Does It Work?
Facial Microcurrent uses our body’s natural electrical currents to recharge the skin tissues. The microcurrent device is gently rubbed on the skin’s surface to stimulate the muscles that need toning. The machine emits electric impulses and our body works in harmony with the impulses to relax the muscles and to help them recover their lost strength. This takes between 30 minutes to an hour – a super quick procedure. Initially, you need at least 10 treatments, and a follow-up.

Is Microcurrent Only For Your Face? Microcurrent therapy can be used on other areas of your body that require muscle toning and body sculpting. While the face and neck are the most requested services, it can also be used for:

  • The legs and thighs
  • The buttocks
  • The stomach
  • Spot treatment (specific areas)
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Body sculpting and muscle toning
  • Scars, acne, and stretch marks reduction
  • Calloused elbows and knees
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Maintaining Healthy Skin with Facial Rejuvenation and Treatments

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Maintaining Healthy Skin with Facial Rejuvenation and Treatments

A custom skincare routine is essential to keep your skin in prime condition. Facial and skin rejuvenation play key roles in the overall health of your skin. We’ll discuss what facials and facial rejuvenation are, followed by how often you seek these services.

Facial rejuvenation is a holistic approach that is safe and non-damaging. Investing in holistic facial and rejuvenation services is an important first step in an effective and custom skincare routine. Regular maintenance of your skin via treatments will result in luminous, healthy skin, while easing wrinkles.

There are two kinds of facials and facial procedures: the kind that are meant for relaxation, and the kind aimed at a dermatology standpoint. In our Miami location, you’ll get more than relaxationfrom us; you’ll learn your skin’s needs, treat any issues you’re having with your skin, and help your skin rejuvenate. 

The big question is: how often should you get a facial? There isn’t one simple answer. Every person’s skin is different. Meeting with a professional at our Miami location can help you decide your skin’s needs based on age, skin type, budget, skin conditions, environment, and skin care goals. 

The general recommendation is to have a facial every 4-6 weeks. A monthly facial is perfectly okay and healthy. But, if your skin is prone to blemishes or acne, skin care experts may recommend every 2 weeks. 

If you’re on a budget,once every season is okay. As the weather changes, skin can dry out or become sun damaged. It’s best to invest in selected facial procedures when you can. 

Keep in mind that infrequent facials and skin rejuvenation can damage your skin as can too many facials and facial procedures. 

Contact us today to learn more about our facial rejuvenation, skin care, and facial procedures in Miami.

What Does It Take To Make A Comprehensive Skin Evaluation?

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“I can’t stand these spots!” said my client, Sue, who was very upset about the way her skin looked. And she was right…she was full of unwanted facial hairs, acne, pigmentation irregularities, and concomitant scars. She had never suffered from severe acne as a teenager and her looks were causing her anxiety.

Upon meeting with her, we immediately started completing forms and a questionnaire. We started by looking at her nutritional habits. Particularly, we asked her how many takeout meals a week she had, at what time was her main meal, how late was her last meal, what were the main groups included in her diet, was she in a fat free diet, and what was the quantity of the fluid intake? We also considered any supplements she may be taking, food allergies, and weight fluctuations.

Believe it or not, when talking skin care, nutrition is key. For example, many people undertake a fat free diet, yet fats are an essential component of the skin that we should replenish regularly so that our skin has the building blocks it needs to repair itself. Specifically, we asked her to increase her intake of Omega 3 by increasing her intake of fish, such as sardines and salmon. She could also accomplish this by adding Chia seeds or flaxseeds to her meals.

We were also curious about what oil did she use for cooking. Our recommendation was to use olive oil, and as a far second best when necessary in order to not change the taste of the food, she could use organic canola oil. We recommended her to use butter instead of margarine, as it was a healthier alternative. Given the importance of vitamin A to the skin, we suggested that she make sure this was part of her diet and she could find it in sweet potatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables, squash, apricot, cantaloupes, red peppers, romaine lettuce, and mangoes.

At this point, we had overwhelmed her with information so we decided to stop there and continue in our next visit.

As you can see, from the information above, keeping our bodies healthy is the best way to prevent disease and stay in satisfactory physical and mental condition for many years. Recently, my computer crashed from a virus and I asked my IT person how could I keep my computers free from viruses and what was the best anti-viral in the market. His response was to not go to websites that were suspicious and to stay away from those emails and sites. Similarly, with our skin, there is a lot we can do that is within our control, and nutrition is key.

While there are many other elements involved in the skin consultation, we will address these in our next blog where we will discuss the steps involved in fully analyzing Sue’s skin. Make sure to stay tuned. For additional information, you can always contact Med Aesthetics Miami at 305-356-7402 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Our website is

A Skin Consultation: Why or Why not?

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Many of us when we go to a spa or center for preventive and maintenance skin treatments, do not go through a thorough skin evaluation. Those types of consultations are regularly done in the medical world when we go for an examination to treat or prevent disease, but not so much in the aesthetics world. However, comprehensive consultations can help us obtain information on a client’s history, lifestyle, preferences, and more. With this information in hand along with before & after pictures, roadmaps composed of both treatments at the office, and cosmeceuticals at home, can be designed to serve as a guide and to decide on a more accurate course of action which will ultimately lead to better results.

So how can we gather this information? Besides comprehensive questionnaires regarding lifestyle, history, and preferences in terms of dislike and likes; before & after pictures can serve as a great aide to compare and evaluate results. The use of diagnostic equipment allows us to gather crucial information. Finally, putting it all together will allow us to establish a more accurate action plan and maintenance routine.

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