Let Go and Enjoy the Ride!

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Let Go and Enjoy the Ride!

Yes! Serious People, WHO DO IT ALL, Can Have Fun! Every day I get clients wanting our services and while many are interested in taking care of themselves, another big group comes to us because they want a change in their lives. Sometimes changing life circumstances, whether it is a divorce, loss of a job or relative, and more can overwhelm people. Maybe they are looking desperately for a partner to complete them, or they are reaching an age where child bearing has more risks. For these, a change in the appearance of their skin, or the possibility of losing weight, or getting rid of textural irregularities on their face is also a reflection of their internal needs. As soon as they get the results they are looking for, the change in their wellbeing is dramatic. (By the way, we have many alternative treatments to achieve those results ranging from peels and lasers, to the ematrix.

When thinking about what I was going to write about in my blog, many topics came to mind, but this one just inspired me the most. Probably the main reason is that I have felt that for many years, all I did was work, work, and more work. I worked to obtain my degrees, I worked to raise my kids, I worked to build my professional life, and I worked on and on and on. This is not to imply that all this effort was not important. Far from that, the amount of hours I put in, one at a time, have molded me into the person that I am and have brought many opportunities my way. But when looking back, I recognize that the process could have been lighter, and more enjoyable had I learned to let go and simply trust that everything was going to unfold as it should. I would have avoided many visits to the doctor, including a bill for emergency services at the hospital, thinking the worst, when, in reality, stress was causing it all and I was as strong as a rock! Once I learned that I had limited control over the events, I relaxed and finally learned to enjoy the ride.

Have You Been Thinking About Laser Treatment For Your Skin?

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Discovering the secrets to gorgeous skin

Have You Been Thinking About Laser Treatment For Your Skin?

Discovering the secrets to gorgeous skin has been an ongoing venture for many people. Especially for those who suffer from unappealing skin conditions like acne, severe sun damage or prominent facial wrinkles. When lotions and night creams fail to battle these conditions successfully, people turn to aesthetic procedures. Although treating the skin with various forms of laser procedures is nothing new, it has become increasingly popular within the last few years because of the long lasting results.

Are you currently suffering from a mild skin condition and feel that laser treatments will help your skin reach a clean, smooth and vibrant appearance? Whether you answered yes or no, there are a few things you must evaluate before booking a laser treatment.

The first thing you should do is observe your skin. Get a close look and softly graze over it with the tips of your fingers. Try to point out what it is about your skin that needs to be treated. Is it blemishes or acne scars? Is your skin tone uneven? Are you noticing deep wrinkles? Because skin procedures are uniquely developed for particular skin conditions, understanding what your aesthetics goals are is important in deciding which treatment will benefit you.

A recent interview to Rosanna Bermejo

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Med Aesthetics Miami CEO

Acne a Stubborn Skin Condition

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Acne can be a stubborn skin condition to deal with. Need an acne treatment that really helps? At Med Aesthetics Miami we are experts using one of the most effective acne fighting treatments available, the State of the Art GentleYag laser system. During the session, the GentleYag laser generates heat that reaches a temperature of 40-45 degrees Celsius. This heat destroys the acne causing bacteria and helps control the amount of sebum (oil) produced by the sebaceous glands. The system uses powerful technology that has provided many acne patients with long-lasting results.

Most patients are recommended to receive one laser treatment every week for a month. Each session is typically completed between 30-45 minutes and there is minimal down- time associated with this treatment. Patients usually return to their regular routine the following day.

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